Orb videos

Orb is a jacketed reactor system that combines high performance with excellent value. Watch our videos below to find out more.

Orb Jacketed Reactor
A compact bench-top jacketed reactor system combining excellent value and high quality construction with unique user-friendly features and reliable performance for batch reactions.

Pre-configured systems & modules

Orb is available as a range of modules that can be purchased to create your own system, including Reactor Master software for sophisticated automation.



Discover the key features of Atlas HD, including easy to use, tool free stirrer motor lift,  height adjustment, oil pipe connections, and vessel changes,




Discover the applications that can be performed using Orb. To find out more about them, visit our application pages.


Orb is the easiest batch reactor you’ll ever use, as demonstrated in this video which walks you through it’s super simple set-up.

Orb Jacketed Reactor - Unboxing and Set-Up
Orb's ease-of-use even extends into how you unbox it and set it up for the first time!

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