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Orb Pilot is a pilot-scale modular jacketed reactor for scaling up of batch processes and offers multiple setups in one footprint. Watch our videos below to find out more.

Syrris Orb Pilot scale-up reactor
Orb Pilot is a scale-up chemical reactor from Syrris, offering multiple setups in one footprint.


Orb Pilot is available as a range of modules that can be purchased to create your own system, including Reactor Master software for sophisticated automation.


Featured video

Watch a short time lapse of the making of a Glass Solutions glass vessel for Orb Pilot. Glass Solutions (Syrris’ sister brand) are experts in the manufacture of high-quality, precision glassware for scientists, architects, designers, instrument makers, and engineers.


Discover the applications that can be performed using Orb Pilot. To find out more about them, visit our application pages.


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